Lim Tian Yi

Founder of KOLI App, International Influencer Marketing Platform

Tian is an author, entrepreneur, investor and influencer. Few years ago, Tian worked in a non profit organization helping the youths, elderlies and the intellectually disabled. The department he was working in was shut down and Tian became unemployed.

He had a dream to be a teacher and inspire others to lead better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Out of job with no savings, Tian created his first successful app, a simple cooking app by hiring a developer for $200.

Since then, Tian has and had been invited to speak all over the world coaching and training entrepreneurs on building a successful online business using mobile apps and social media. After watching a documentary about the rising trend of influencers in China, he was inspired to help connect brands with influencers.

He created a startup called KOLI, an influencer marketplace app with over 15,000 influencers on board that allows brands to hire influencers for their campaigns.

He is now focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, actors and singers to grow their followers and online businesses.